In 2-3 months, you too can get a Turkish passport by investing in a real estate property in Turkey worth not less than $250,000 (₦112.5 million).

The Turkish government first launched its citizenship by investment programme in 2016 to grant residency, citizenship and a second passport to applicants investing in a real estate property on Turkish soil or a bank deposit with a Turkish bank.

Through a collaboration with international partners, we are offering you an opportunity to invest in a real estate property in Turkey and gain Turkish citizenship by investment status in a few months.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship By Investment:

– Entire family is eligible
– Valid for life and inheritable
– No wealth declaration required
– Visa-free travel to 121 countries
– Multiple citizenships allowed
– Easy relocation to the US through E2 investor visa
– No language requirement
– Attract return on real estate investment
– Free healthcare
– Free education

Important application requirements:

– International passport
– State of origin

What you should know about Turkey:

– Turkey is a G20 country
– Pushing for Schengen visa-free zone
– Turkey has twice the GDP of Portugal and Greece combined

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