Grynbricks Ventures is a is the leading real estate and rental market place in Nigeria, Services include brokerage sales and leasing (landlord and tenant representation), real estate management, valuation, consulting, project management, project marketing and research.  We develop housing, business and other real estate projects to meet the seemingly insatiable real estate demand in Nigeria. Our team is constituted by experienced property consultants with well-honed skills.

Whether you are an investor or an end user, we at Grynbricks Ventures provide you with a huge fresh exclusive property choice that meets your every preference, either directly from the developers or from resellers. Our vast property selections offer single units, apartments, villas, retail spaces, commercial offices, lands, as well as investment tailored opportunities.

We, at Grynbricks Ventures, believe that our client’s satisfaction is a continuous stream to be nurtured. Our job does not end when a deal is completed but rather starts again with another dimension of customer service. What makes us outstanding in the Nigerian market is the unrivaled team commitment and professionalism that we are known to deliver, together with outstanding and well defined management services of the highest quality.

Our Mission

Grynbricks Ventures, is a team of experienced and creative professionals dedicated to comprehensive real estate development and asset management. Our mission is to provide superior business environments for our clients.

We are committed to responsible land and commercial property development and to strategic acquisition and sound management of high quality, well-located office properties, retail centers and industrial workplaces.

Our mission when dealing with our clients revolves around their experience and satisfaction being the cornerstone of everything we carry out. Our philosophy is to listen to your needs, understand your demands, and then react proactively, in order to maximize the returns on your investment and the service quality you receive. Through our rich knowledge, expertise guidance, support, and the ability to provide you with multiple options to choose from, we offer you the most satisfactory, hassle-free and remarkable Real Estate experience in Nigeria